By James L. Pyle, DDS
August 07, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Flossing  

Find out the significance of flossing and why you should never remove this from your oral routine.

How often do you floss your teeth? Many patients feel embarrassed or nervous to answer this question because most of the time they Flossing aren’t flossing as regularly as they should. In 2013, the American Dental Association found that a little over half of Americans say they floss daily while a whopping 18.5 percent said they never floss. So, where do you fall on this spectrum? Find out why flossing is important and how it could give you a clean bill of health from your Durham, NC dentist Dr. James Pyle.

The Importance of Flossing

If you think brushing your teeth each day is enough to keep your teeth and gums clean, think again! While brushing is certainly a necessity, you aren’t getting the best clean you can if you are skipping out on flossing. A toothbrush’s main job is to remove plaque from your teeth, but even the smallest toothbrush head has problems properly cleaning between teeth and gums.

This is where floss becomes your dental hero. Floss is designed to remove plaque from between teeth and gum lines to prevent gum disease and cavities from developing. Take it one step further and follow the American Dental Association’s recommendation to floss before brushing to enhance your brushing efficacy. If you want to prevent gum disease and decay from ruining your smile, then flossing should become a natural part of your daily oral care.

Furthermore, the CDC has found a link between the harmful bacteria that are found on your teeth and gums and other health problems like heart disease or diabetes. By taking a couple minutes out of your day to floss your teeth, you could possibly prevent chronic systemic disorders from plaguing you. Talk to your Durham, NC dentist about some useful flossing techniques to help make flossing an easier and more effective part of your daily regime.

While flossing is an integral part of anyone’s oral care, this doesn’t negate the importance of seeing your Durham, NC dentist every six months. Even those who spend a lot of time caring for their smiles can still miss spots where plaque and bacteria reside. This is where we come in. If it’s time for your dental cleaning call us today.