By James L. Pyle, DDS
August 06, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Teeth Whitening  

Teeth WhiteningHow professional teeth whitening from your dentist in Durham can renew your smile

If you are embarrassed by a yellow, dull smile, you are not alone. In fact, as people age, a dull, unattractive smile becomes one of their chief complaints. The good news is you can reverse what the years have done to your smile. The answer is professional teeth whitening! Dr. James Pyle in Durham, NC, wants to introduce you to the many benefits of professional teeth whitening.

Professional teeth whitening will:

  • Whiten your smile up to 8 shades whiter, making treatment far more effective than over-the-counter whitening products
  • Provide results that can last up to 5 years, which is far longer than over-the-counter whitening products

Give you amazing results safely because professional teeth whitening products are rigorously tested and approved by the American Dental Association.

Your smile may be dull and yellow due to aging because as you age, your enamel becomes thinner, making it easier to see the layer underneath, called dentin. This layer is naturally yellow and becomes even darker yellow as you get older. The end result is that your smile can look dingy, dull, and yellow.

In addition to aging, everyday habits like drinking coffee, tea, or red wine can add unsightly stains to the outer surfaces of your teeth. Tobacco use is also one of the main reasons why your smile may lose its brightness. Even healthy foods like blueberries, which are deeply pigmented, can add stains to your smile.

You can regain your white smile once again! Dr. Pyle offers a convenient take-home whitening kit that contains custom-made whitening trays and professional-strength whitening gel. The take-home method allows you to whiten your smile in the privacy and convenience of your own home when the time is right for you.

If your smile isn’t as white as you remember, it’s time to get your smile back! It’s time for you to discover the benefits of teeth whitening by calling Dr. Pyle in Durham, NC. Get started on a whiter, brighter smile by calling today!