By James L. Pyle, DDS
February 06, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Teeth Whitening  

Be honest: when it comes to having the perfect smile, just about all of us could use a few more shades of white in our teeth.

But did you know that achieving a permanent crystal-clear appearance in your chompers can start today? That's because at James L. Pyle, DDS, Dr. Pyle and his expert dental staff are ready and waiting to make your teeth a thing of beauty using their expert teeth Teeth Whiteningwhitening techniques that are guaranteed to leave a smile on your face!

With Dr. Pyle's on-site teeth whitening procedures, you can rest assured that your gums and tooth-root areas will abstain from any of the potentially-irritating effects of less-safe over-the-counter whitening options, which have consistently been found to be less effective than Dr. Pyle's techniques anyways.

Professional whitening done at the office utilizes high-concentration bleaching gels that can't be found at your local pharmacy. Plus, it's more reliable than the choices you'll find over the counter - and even if you don't want your teeth whitened on site, there's a take-home whitening option available as well!

Though take-home whitening can take longer before you achieve the white teeth you've been dreaming about, it can be equally effective in the long-term. Using two thin plastic mouth trays that are custom-made for both sets of your teeth, you'll just need to fill up each tray with a whitening gel before positioning them onto the surface of your teeth for roughly one hour at a time, beginning the incredible journey to a whiter smile and a happier you!

If you're ready to get your teeth whitened once and for all with expert dental care today, then give Dr. Pyle and his trusted dental associates a call at (919) 286-9667 for a beautiful smile that turns heads and drops jaws all over Durham, NC!