By James L. Pyle, DDS
February 16, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: dental crowns  

Find out how dental crowns are used to prevent further damage to your smile.

No one wants an injury to befall their beautiful smile but sometimes it happens. If this happens to you it’s important that you see your Durham, NC dentist Dr. James Pyle right away for the proper care your smile deserves. Find out more about dental crowns and when dental crownsthey are used.

Why should I consider dental crowns?

A dental crown is one of the best ways to fix a damaged tooth. When a tooth becomes damaged either by trauma, decay, or infection it loses some of its strength and function. Of course, whenever this happens it’s important to seek immediate medical care from your Durham, NC general dentist to make sure that the damage doesn’t get worse. A dental crown is designed to reinforce and protect the tooth from further damage and to preserve as much of the tooth as possible.

While crowns are often recommended for patients dealing with functional problems with their smile it can also be great for cosmetic issues as well. If you are dealing with misshapen or discolored teeth you may also benefit from dental crowns. While there are other cosmetic options available, a dental crown may be the best option for revamping your smile’s appearance if you are dealing with more severe or extensive imperfections.

What are the benefits of getting dental crowns?

Crowns can be made from different materials and there are different benefits that you’ll receive depending on the type of crown you opt for. Porcelain crowns tend to be most popular because they are the same shade as natural teeth so your restoration will look as realistic as possible. If you are looking to maintain a natural looking smile then you’ll want to consider getting porcelain crowns in Durham.

Of course, sometimes amalgam crowns made from silver, gold or other kinds of metal may be recommended, particularly for covering back teeth. These teeth sustain the most pressure and therefore, a stronger more durable material like metal amalgam will withstand jaw pressure and actually last longer than porcelain crowns.

If you are dealing with any symptoms or problems with your smile then it’s time to schedule an appointment right away with our Durham dental office. Call us today to preserve your oral health.