By James L. Pyle, DDS
February 22, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

It's natural for a tooth to become worn down, sensitive, or change colors over a period of time. Even with good care and dental hygiene, dental crownswear and tear can occur. A dental crown can repair even a severely damaged or decayed tooth as long as the root is still healthy. Dr. James Pyle can help you restore your tooth with a custom crown at his Durham, NC dentist office. 

What a Crown Can Do For Your Smile
Modern dental crowns are extremely tough, natural-looking, and long-lasting. It's virtually impossible to tell that someone has one. A custom-made crown can do the following for your smile:

- Reinforce and strengthen an otherwise healthy tooth.
- Reshape your tooth so that it fits in with your smile and looks just like your other teeth.
- Fill in gaps caused by smaller teeth.
- Prevent further enamel erosion, which is usually due to nervous grinding of the teeth.
- Protect the teeth from discoloration.

Crown Preparation and Installation
For a crown to fit over a tooth, first the outer enamel has to be removed. This is the preparation visit where a dental mold will also be taken. Your Durham dentist will use that mold to have a lab technician create a custom crown for your smile. After a two or three-week wait, you'll return to the office for the bonding appointment. Expect minimal discomfort and relatively short visits that you can probably schedule on a lunch hour. 

Maintaining Your Crown 
Dental crowns have been known to last five to 10 years or even longer. You can maximize the life of your crown by following these tips:

- Take special care to ensure that food does not get trapped around your crown when you eat.
- If you clench or grind by habit, get a custom night guard or retainer made.
- Brush twice daily and after meals if possible to minimize the chance of plaque buildup.
- Floss carefully around the crown (and your other teeth) at least once per day.

A Stronger Smile with Crowns
If one tooth has been giving you problems, it can be repaired easily and quickly with a custom dental crown. Call 919-286-9667 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Pyle at his Durham, NC dentist office.